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Range of Activity


Hydrotechnical buildings

  • Evaluation of technical condition of hydrotechnical constructions
  • Repairs of wharves, weirs, ramps, jetties, floating platforms, bridges
  • Assembly of fender beams on the wharves
  • Performing depth surveys in front of hydrotechnical buildings
  • Performing depth surveys of water areas under the new hydrotechnical buildings

Underwater works

  • Inspection of underwater part of hydrotechnical buildings
  • Seals of underwater structures
  • Repairs of underwater structures
  • Cementation under water
  • Bottom consolidation in front of hydrotechnical buildings
  • Underwater revetment
  • We make films under the water (saved on CD, DVD, DV, VHS)
  • We make underwater pictures
  • Cutting and welding under water
  • Wharves inspection
  • Underwater Inspection of hulls, ships propelling and steering plant   /  recognition of the Society Germanischer Lloyd  /
  • Underwater NDT
  • Sampling of sediments
  • Searching & extraction of navigational obstacles
  • Dive works in waste-water treatment plants
  • Decommissioning of underwater shoal patches by lavage method or extraction of excavated material to the surface